About Ondiri Wetland

Ondiri wetland is located within close proximity to Kikuyu town. It is an important wetland that forms the headwaters of Nairobi River within the Athi drainage basin. The area is a unique wetland with macrophytes growing on a floating peat.

Ondiri wetland is oval in shape and local legend has it that it used to be an open lake in the early part of the 19th century and indeed the name itself is Gikuyu corruption of old lake (OndirĂ­). However as deforestation and subsequent erosion accelerated, the lake came to be covered with floating reeds on peat such that now it has an extensive reed mat that covers more than 95 percent of the wetland to form a quacking bog, the only one in the country. A quacking bog is made up of a layer of vegetation floating over water. You can walk on the vegetation, but if you jump up and down the whole bog quakes just like a bouncing castle. more...

Organization's Main Objectives:


General objective :

To establish a center (botanical gardens) with a diverse collection of flora and fauna for economic gain in their display, research, education, and conservation of ondiri wet land. Restore the bird life that existed before to make it a birding tourist attraction site

Specific objectives:

  • Promote and protect Ondiri Wetland;
  • Provide education on environmental management, conservation and preservation of biodiversity
  • Promote indigenous trees and shrubs and establish tree nurse
  • Provide mechanism to protect encroachment in Ondiri and
  • Establish sanctuaries for different animal species and plants.

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